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    Manchester, UK – 22nd December 2021 – Netacea, the bot detection and mitigation specialist, today announces that its parent company Intechnica has completed a new £8.5m funding round with Mercia Asset Management PLC (AIM: MERC). The investment will accelerate Netacea’s growth in the UK and the US.

    Netacea is a fast-growing cybersecurity business that detects and mitigates against bot attacks that target mobile, web and API applications. It takes a smarter approach to bot management, using threat intelligence and machine learning to identify and mitigate threats.

    Jeremy Gidlow, CEO and Co-founder, Netacea, said: “We’re delighted to close a new round of funding with Mercia—their support and business expertise has been invaluable in taking Netacea from a new product to an established and confident business. We look forward to continuing this partnership even further along this exciting journey.”

    Rupert Cook, Non-Executive Chairman, Netacea, said: “Netacea works with some of the biggest businesses in the world—including three of the largest global retailers—protecting their revenue and their reputation from attack from bots. I’m incredibly proud of the business and technical achievements my colleagues have made in this challenging year, including being named as a leading business in its sector by analysts. This investment will help accelerate our expansion and build on this growth.”

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