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what are bots costing your business
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What Are Bots Costing Your Business?

Read the report for a deep dive into what the survey revealed about the real cost of malicious bot activity to businesses across the globe.
PSD2, Open Banking and Bots: What you Need to Know
Alex McConnell

PSD2, Open Banking and Bots: What you Need to Know

PSD2 and Open Banking have been around for a few years now. Each aims to disrupt and future proof the financial services market following the vast technological advancements that occurred over the last two decades, and have left the industry with legacy processes and a lack of legislature to cope with emerging challenges.
API security overview
Data Sheet

API Security from Netacea

Netacea captures all requests by analyzing API usage using low friction integrations without deploying changes to your applications.
bot management use cases image
Data Sheet

Netacea Bot Management Use Cases

Explore the use cases for Netacea Bot Management, including credential stuffing, scalper bots, web scraping, arb betting and carding.
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