Fare Scraping and Excess Transactions: The Real Cost to the Travel Industry


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    In a 2021 Netacea survey, 96% of travel companies stated their website had been attacked by bots over the last year.

    Travel and tourism businesses across the globe have suffered at the hands of the Covid-19 pandemic, but while companies try to get back on their feet, the threat of malicious bot traffic has only intensified.

    Fare scraping and skewed look-to-book ratios cause airlines and travel booking sites major financial and technical costs, with the move to dynamic pricing, the influence of external pricing services, and the lack of control over online travel agents worsening the costly ramifications for businesses.

    Netacea research reveals how the industry has changed throughout Covid-19, why it is crucial for travel businesses to detect and mitigate bad bot activity, and how airlines can maintain control over their flight prices post-pandemic and beyond.

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    • The damage of fare scraping and excess web requests on travel booking sites
    • How travel companies can take back control of their look-to-book ratio
    • How to protect your business from ATO, loyalty program abuse and other automated threats to the travel industry

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