Published: 21/04/2020


What is an anti-bot?

An anti-bot system is a technology or process put in place to stop bad bots.

How does an anti-bot work?

It detects bad bots by using machine learning algorithms that are constantly updating data about what bad bots do and trying new ways to detect them. With these updates, it becomes harder for bots to exploit your systems.

Bad or “malicious” bots are targeting businesses in all industries including financial services, retail, travel and gaming using a variety of automated techniques. Amongst the most common automated bot attack strategies are credential stuffing, card cracking, web scraping and product scalping.

Implementing anti-bot technology and anti-bot verification as a part of a comprehensive anti-bot system is crucial to detecting bots and identifying those with good vs. bad intent.

What are some anti-bot technology use cases?

Bot traffic

Bots are often used to generate fake traffic on your website or as part of an attack. With bot-detection technology like Netacea’s Intent Analytics™, you can identify bots from bad actors who might be trying to steal information and block them before they cause damage.

Botnet attacks

Attackers will create a network of compromised devices (also known as “zombies”) and use it to launch brute force attacks against websites with the intent of compromising sensitive data stored there. By detecting and blocking these malicious robots with an anti-bot system, you can protect against the attack types listed above.

Bots in IoT

Bots are also used to exploit vulnerabilities in Internet of Things (IoT) devices and spread malware, which will then – if not stopped – infect other connected systems on the network.

What is an anti-bot system protection?

Malicious bots are a growing threat to any business with an online presence and securing your organisation against cyber-attacks must be a priority.

Effective anti-bot protection systems, powered by machine learning, accurately verify bots, identify bad bot vs. good bot or human activity and put actionable intelligence at your fingertips. Access to fast and accurate data enables you to confidently stop malicious bots from attacking your web-facing applications while ensuring frictionless access for genuine users and preventing non-human traffic from compromising your business.

Why is an anti-bot solution important?

According to a study, in 2021 nearly a third of the world’s total web traffic is made up of malicious bots. Bad bots are bad news because this increased traffic can increase server costs and lead to DDoS incidents. Finally, bots can also slow site speed so human users are impacted too.

Therefore, to resolve this it is important for businesses to have an anti-bot solution in place to ensure full protection.

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