Published: 12/06/2019

Netacea is UK’s first government-approved bot management service

Cybersecurity Firm is First G-Cloud 11 UK Bot Management Platform

Manchester, 12th July 2019 - Netacea, dedicated bot detection and mitigation platform, is now an approved supplier of cloud-based software according to the UK government’s G-Cloud 11 framework.

G-Cloud 11 is the latest version of the Government’s online procurement framework, which streamlines the search for and purchase of cloud-based software and services by public sector bodies.

The Manchester-based company has developed pioneering machine learning technology that protects websites and mobile apps from unwanted and malicious bot activity. By identifying and prioritising genuine human traffic, Netacea enables organisations to mitigate the risks posed by malicious bots while safeguarding users of online services.

Netacea protects some of the world’s most recognisable brands with its smarter approach to bot detection and mitigation. The cybersecurity firm’s cutting edge, adaptive security approach focuses on the intent and behaviour of online traffic by analysing hundreds of signals in real-time and responding accordingly.

With over half of traffic on the internet now generated by automated bots, Netacea’s technology is empowering organisations to make informed decisions about their traffic, with actionable intelligence and data-rich visualisations.

Jeremy Gidlow, CEO and co-founder at Netacea said:

“2019 is the start of a bright new era for Netacea. We began by securing £8.1m in Series A investment that is helping us execute our vision more quickly, and to have now won a place on G-Cloud 11 demonstrates the strength of the product.

“As the only UK supplier of bot detection and mitigation services on the G-Cloud framework, we are excited for the opportunity to make a difference to public sector organisations and protect users of government services from the growing threat of automated attacks.”

Find out more about our UK bot management advanced platform from Netacea today.

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