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how to prevent scraper bots
Research & Reports

How to Prevent Scraper Bots: A Guide for Retailers

This guide helps retailers understand the threat of web scraping and how to stay protected from malicious scraper bots.
how are bots exploiting loyalty schemes
Research & Reports

How are Bots Exploiting Business Logic & Customer Loyalty?

In this whitepaper, Netacea’s Head of eCommerce discusses how loyalty point fraud is affecting retail websites now more than ever.
Getting started with the BLADE Framework
Research & Reports

Getting Started with The BLADE Framework®

Discover the BLADE Framework, the open-source framework for the fight against malicious bot threats from Netacea's Threat Research team.
threat intelligence evolution report for bots
Research & Reports

Threat Intelligence Evolution

Netacea and Cyber Security Digital Summit’s report discusses which vulnerabilities expose businesses and their customers to the greatest risks.
magento integration to prevent bot attacks
Research & Reports

Securing your Magento Website Against Malicious Bots

In this whitepaper, we explore the astonishing scale of eCommerce growth and how this equates to threats faced by Magento websites from bots.
netaceas approach to machine learning for bot management
Research & Reports

Technical Showcase: Netacea’s Approach to Machine Learning in Advanced Bot Management

Read on to learn how and why a carefully considered machine learning approach is the “secret weapon” against emerging automated threats.
2021 travel automated bot threat report
Research & Reports

Travel in 2021: Are Bots Threatening the Industry?

Discover the bot threats set to hit the travel and hospitality industry as restrictions lift in 2021, from fare scraping to loyalty point fraud.
the top bot based threats in 2021
Research & Reports

The Top Threats of 2021: Trends in Bot-Based Attacks

This whitepaper explores why carding attacks, scalper bots and credential stuffing attacks were the most notorious attacks of 2020.
genesis market netacea buying bots wholesale report
Research & Reports

Buying Bad Bots Wholesale: The Genesis Market

In this report, we pull the veil off the highly illegal Genesis Market to reveal the methods, tools and data used to exploit victims globally.
netacea technical showcase bot detection techniques
Research & Reports

Technical Showcase: How Netacea Develops Cutting-Edge Bot Detection Techniques

Read how Netacea’s Data Science team works closely with our customers, developing innovative technology that tackles emerging malicious bots.
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