Published: 08/01/2024

The Bot Management Buyer's Guide

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Any business reliant on online platforms needs a robust, reliable and effective solution to mitigate the risks of unchecked automated threats.

In such a diverse marketplace, selecting the most appropriate bot management solution both from a technical and business viewpoint is not a straightforward task. This guide aims to provide the right questions to ask when making your shortlist.

Read our buyer’s guide to learn the crucial questions you must ask any bot management vendor before deciding on your approach to protecting against bot threats. Our checklist ensures you have no nasty surprises after entering an agreement designed to safeguard your web and mobile applications against malicious bot traffic.

What you’ll learn:

  • What to look for when making a shortlist of bot management solutions
  • How to tell whether a bot management vendor is the right fit for your business
  • The core functions and features that matter

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