Published: 16/11/2023

How are Bots Changing Buyer Behavior?

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When discussing bot attacks, experts often focus on the technical and business impacts. Yet bots have a tangible psychological effect on people that is rarely emphasized.

Scalpers cause misery for fans who miss out on buying the latest shoes, electronics and concert tickets, all because bots can add to cart and checkout the instant that an item goes on sale, reacting faster than is humanly possible. Consumers then have little choice but to pay inflated prices to scalpers on secondary markets if they want to acquire their desired goods – or perhaps turn to using bots themselves.

Netacea tasked Osterman Research to survey 1,000 Americans, who spent $500+ online over the past 12 months, to find out how bots have affected their buying habits and who they blame for scalpers cornering the market.

This report analyzes the survey results, and features commentary and insights from Bec McKeown, Cyber Psychologist and Founder of Mind Science, plus Netacea Principal Security Researcher Cyril Noel-Tagoe.

Key findings within the report include:

  • 47% of people believe bots have stopped them getting in-demand goods and services online
  • 57% bought sold-out products on secondary markets
  • On average, people are willing to pay 13% more to scalpers for sold-out goods
  • 26% of under-35s admit to using bots to buy in-demand goods ahead of others

Download the report now to find out how bots are changing buyer habits and what this means for your bot management strategy.

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