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    Mesh bots are created to automate the process of purchasing limited-edition sneakers.

    Use of mesh bots

    You don’t require a mesh bot to buy regular items. However, you need them to purchase limited-edition items such as sneakers.

    Mesh bots can multitask and purchase more than one pair. It’s an automated software designed to autocomplete at the checkout process. Mesh bots, similar to sneaker bots, are designed to purchase sneakers at a much faster rate than humans can.

    How to create a mesh bot

    The process of creating a mesh bot is almost identical to the method used to create sneaker bots. They can be programmed to purchase specific limited edition items from any eCommerce platform.

    How mesh bots work

    Mesh bots are developed to work within a particular time frame, which is usually twenty-four hours. They require an Internet connection to complete purchases at online stores such as eBay and Nike.

    A mesh bot will connect directly to the databases of several eCommerce sites in order to purchase specific listings on specified dates and times. The software offers features that include searching for new products, checking stock, submitting orders, and updating information about the status of various transactions.

    Mesh bots are not sneaker bots

    Sneaker bots were created with one purpose only: purchasing limited-edition sneakers from eCommerce platforms including eBay and Nike. They have become increasingly popular over time and can be programmed to purchase shoes at a much faster rate than humans.

    However, mesh bots are not designed to only buy sneakers. They can be used for purchases of any type including other apparel, electronics or even groceries by using the autocomplete feature on checkout to bypass the security code and confirm transactions. But, most sellers don’t support mesh bots because they promote automated purchasing without providing any real value to their customers.

    How to protect your online store from mesh bots

    Today, mesh bots are a significant concern for eCommerce merchants. They have been programmed to not only buy products, but also to search and store credit card information in their databases. Many merchants have reported large losses due to the activities of mesh bot owners. The good news is there are many tools that protect your store from this kind of fraud. But if you want to decrease the risk of attacks, it is essential to be aware of possible solutions as well as potential dangers involved:

    Make use of an SSL certificate on your website

    The first step towards protecting your online shop from mesh bots is making sure that traffic comes through an encrypted connection when accessing sensitive data such as checkout details. When the connection between browsers and eCommerce platforms is encrypted, there are fewer chances for hackers to intercept the data. This helps you protect your web store from being attacked by bots that have been programmed to steal information such as passwords and credit card details.

    Use an IP blocker

    IP blockers block traffic coming from countries where the mesh bots are most active. Blocking them makes it impossible for them to gain access into sensitive areas of your website and this helps prevent the theft of data through man-in-the-middle attacks. You can easily use a Google API key (application programming interface) with several solutions available online.

    Offer a user-friendly website interface

    The easier it is for customers to navigate your website and complete transactions, the less likely they will be committed to using mesh bots as their only purchases will be processed faster. A simple and user-friendly interface helps prevent customers from getting distracted and opting to use mesh bots instead of making a purchase through your platform. This makes it easier for you to stay ahead of the competition with the best website interface as well as make profits in no time at all. One of the ways to improve your customers’ shopping experience is to invest in a virtual waiting room.

    Make use of fraud detection tools

    There are several tools that can help detect whether transactions are fraudulent or not by looking out for specific patterns and activities. Some good examples include anti-bot solutions from Netacea, which can also detect credit card frauds for you in real-time. The sooner an attack is detected during checkout, the better are chances that bot owners will not get away with their crimes due to the information being encrypted.

    How to detect and fight mesh bots on your website

    Mesh bots are not just a problem for eCommerce platforms, but also present risks to online sellers in terms of acquiring new customers. But there is no need to panic as you can easily detect and fight back against mesh bot attacks on your website using tools that offer real-time alerts to prevent various fraudulent activities including credit card fraud.

    The best way to avoid the attack of mesh bots on your store is by monitoring it in real-time via advanced analytics that provides an overview of transactions and user behavior. This helps determine whether customers are loyal or if they have been programmed and controlled by outside forces from within the dark web. You should keep track of sales patterns, how many times the same customer logs in, how long they stay on the website and more for a detailed view of your visitors. This helps you look at the bigger picture without getting lost in details while also providing advanced fraud analytics such as the detection of credit card attacks and suspected mesh bots that have been programmed to steal sensitive data.

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    Web Scraping

    Web scraping (or web harvesting or screen scraping) is the process of automatically extracting data from an online service website.

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security to help protect your accounts from hackers and cybercriminals.

    Non-Human Traffic

    Non-human traffic is the generation of online page views and clicks by automated bots, rather than human activity.

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