Published: 13/09/2021

Netacea Quarterly Index: Top 5 Scalper Bot Targets of Q2 2021

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Netacea’s Threat Research team looked at the top five items targeted by scalper bots from April to June in 2021.

The results of the research reveal a trend in designer fashion items and video game equipment targeted by scalper bots in Q2. According to Netacea’s Threat Research Analyst, this is happening for two main reasons: the first is the demand for items in the hype category, generated by internet-fueled attention and anticipation; the second is a global shift from console gaming to online gaming.

In this report, learn from the experts themselves why scalper bots are growing in sophistication and speed, and how Covid-19 has only broadened the threat landscape.

Read the report to learn:

  • The top five scalper bot targets of Q2
  • Why ‘hype’ products are an ongoing eCommerce target for scalpers
  • How online businesses can stay one step ahead of scalper bots

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